Known for its grandeur as an imperial city, Sigmund Freud and Mozart, Vienna has also always been an intriguing hotbed for cutting edge, contemporary art. 

We invite you to join an expertly guided tour of Vienna’s best galleries and non-commercial spaces. Meet the creative minds that account for one of the world's most influential art scenes, learn what inspires them and gain some valuable insider tips on Austria’s most prolific and promising artists. 

Peek behind the scenes of the city’s renowned institutions and meet the cultural leaders that pull the strings. In those private encounters you’ll get the opportunity to deepen your knowledge and philosophize about contemporary art and the cultural landscape. 

A treasured highlight is the exclusive opportunity for an intimate studio visit, to experience art in its native context, where the creative process actually happens. See works in progress and seize the chance to speak with artists directly about their practice. The behind-closed-doors nature of the studio visit make these intimate exchanges truly unique. Depending on the time of the day, such a visit can be complemented by a cocktail reception or festive dinner, where connections are made, conversations deepened and the moment is fully savored. 

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